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·      Facilitating, activating and providing a team of Bridge Buddies to empower the non-card playing classroom teacher to deliver the Starter Bridge Programme linked to Ofsted and the National Curriculum

·      Reaching out to a younger generation regardless of ability, disability, colour, creed, age or wealth breaking down perceived barriers that bridge is for the old, white and middle class

·      Opening up avenues of friendship for all our young people

Tools:  The Starter Bridge Schools Handbook plus medals, trophies and Certificates

·      Transforms and brings a unified School experience of Starter Bridge Teaching into Schools giving you, the Buddy, and the classroom non-card playing teacher a framework and structure to work to

·      Facilitates a change of culture and mindset in the way Bridge Clubs work with Schools bringing closure to the old ways of working in Schools, transforming the school experience

·      Acknowledges, recognises, and identifies that Teachers in school are the experts to deliver the skills and creative insight being developed in the Bridge into Schools project. Buddies inspire, mentor and coach individualteachers and children  

·      Empowers, engages and energises the School to introduce Starter Bridge into the Curriculum or to set up and run their own Extra-curricular Bridge Club lunchtime or after school bridge club

SBYC Bridge Buddies Personal Toolkit:

·      Smile – Out of your ‘comfort zone’?  A deep breath will help.  Smile even though you may be anxious on your first visit. Thank you for being brave enough to be a Bridge Buddy. But this is not about you. It’s about you putting the teacher at ease to feel confident enough to deliver the programme, with the SYB Academy’s full support and back-up.

·      Contacts – We are here to give guidance, encouragement and to facilitate you in whatever you identify as the School’s needs. 

·      Training – Available for both the Bridge Buddies Team and participating School staff

·      Your Team of Bridge Buddies – On-going off-the-cuff and scheduled meetings to share tips and good practice You will be each others’ best support.

·      Substitutes - Replacement Bridge Buddies if for any reason you cannot attend a session.

·      Resources -  Cards, trophies, certificates and the Starter Bridge Schools Handbook

You are the initial Stamford Youth Bridge Academy Torchbearers. You are igniting and inspiring our local schools to welcome Bridge Buddies into school. ‘Brexit’ has given all of us, especially those of us in retirement, an opportunity, a rallying call to actually get involved in making sure our young people take this country forward in technology, science, mathematically and in reaching out to the world.   Your commitment is one session a week for this Academic Year. With the backing of more than 600 members Stamford Bridge Club is in a position to sustain the programme over the next few years guaranteeing the success of the Bridge into Schools Project.

It could be that the individual school has been thinking about introducing bridge on-and-off for many years. But it has seemed too daunting, too overwhelming. Through your commitment and by giving your most precious commodity - time, YOU are making it happen. You are leaving a legacy in a school which no amount of money can parallel. Thank you from the Youth Bridge Into Schools Team. The Stamford Project could not happen without you. 


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