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Books By Liz Dale

  • Starter Bridge for Ages 8-13 Years - A Handbook for Schools for the non-card playing Teacher
  • Starter Bridge: How-to-play the Cards - A Student book leading to EBED Minibridge Award
  • Bridge: Coaching for EBED Bronze and Silver Awards - Teacher & Student book
  • Partnership Whist in No Trumps for - Age 6+  - Developing skills in numeracy, logic and memory 
  • Concentration: Pre-School Educational Learning Fun with Cards bookEarly


Starter Bridge: A Handbook for Schools (for ages 8-13 Years) by Liz Dale (The specifically written schools handbook has been the catalyst for the Stamford Bridge into Schools Initiative, empowering the non-card playing classroom teacher to deliver the sessions either as curricular or extra-curricular sessions, supported by DBS-registered Buddies. A spin off from the Pilot Project has been that 4 Classroom teachers are now looking to start Beginners Bridge Courses in Autumn 2017.)

 ‘As a Trustee of English Bridge Education & Development Charity, EBED, I have found this book excellent and we would recommend it for use in schools. My local bridge club have used the book in two local schools and the volunteers going into these schools have found it an excellent book to take the children through to Minibridge in conjunction with a teacher at the school.  It means the teachers in school do not have to be bridge players but learn this wonderful game as the children learn!  The step-by-step approach makes it easy for the teachers and the children and it’s fun’.  B. Eddleston (Amazon)

‘Brilliant and simple. Get it for a school wanting to start Minibridge’. Mrs Ann Barker (Amazon)

 ‘An excellent book extremely well thought out and easy to follow. I have recently set up a bridge club in a Primary School and this book provided a clear step-by-step approach to teaching the game. I was especially impressed at how it incorporates game etiquette, collaboration and cannot recommend highly enough’. Karen, Teacher, Primary School. (Amazon)

 'We are using the material as a tuition manual – Teaching Bridge to Young Adults (15-26 years) with learning difficulties. Clear, witty and insightful, in particular the emphasis on partnership, reward and etiquette makes this a highly recommended purchase for anyone wanting to teach bridge to newcomers’. Richard, Action for Kids (Amazon)

 ‘Two Grandsons 8 years and 12 years. After the first session they were already asking for the second. I found the book great to use. They are looking forward to playing again when they come next week.’ John (Amazon)

 ‘This is a fantastic book. It is extremely well laid out and very easy to use. In fact it is a book that can be used by all the family, young and old’. (Amazon customer)

 ‘This book is the ideal resource to start a bridge club in a school or youth club. The activities are well structured leading from the basics to mini-bridge’. Teacher, (Amazon)

 ‘This is an extremely well thought out book which gives children encouragement in numeracy skills and will also provide lots of enjoyment’. (Amazon customer)

‘An extremely helpful book that explains everything logically and so makes it easier to tell others. A must have if you are keen to spread the word that playing bridge is good in so many ways.’ (Amazon customer)