George Headteacher, Primary School

‘Thank you to the fantastic team of bridge volunteers for all their hard work with the children. Bridge club has had a very positive impact on the children that have taken part. They have gained confidence not only with the game but also in their class work and ability as Maths Ambassadors. We have received lots of positive feedback from the children and parents.’

 ‘The kids were fantastic! The evidence of what they can achieve in a 45 minute session is truly amazing!’ Buddy A, Year 6 Primary School

 ‘Thank you again for the investment that the Bridge Club has placed in the students’. Principal, Years 7, 8 & 9, after-school club

‘The children were wonderful, especially the little boy in the wheelchair who wants his friend to play cards with him in the playground tomorrow’.  Buddy B, Year 5 Taster Session 

‘The game is inspirational. The children love it!’ Teacher, Years 5 & 6 after-school club

 Taster Session: ‘It was simple enough for all to understand but involved tactics and team play. Easy to organise and set up.

'The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have been eager to carry on’.  Teacher,  Years 5 & 6 Primary School

 ‘The course is well designed with a good handbook. Kids really seem to enjoy it’.  Buddy, Primary School, after-school club.

 ‘Best bits about the project were the enthusiasm of the children and the speed at which they learn’.  Buddy, Primary School, after-school club.

 ‘The children enjoyed playing with a partner and playing with others. We liked that the Buddies were very enthusiastic and helped to see the game as a sociable game, where they could make friends as well as learn new skills. The children enjoyed your visit and got a lot out of it’.  Teacher Year 6 Primary School


‘It has been a delight to have worked with the students. They have been a pleasure to teach. They all received their Starter Bridge certificates this week at school assembly. Teacher A, has been excellent in leading this by organising and co-ordinating the sessions. It has been rewarding to us both to see the students progress. We have great hopes for next year, as we already have a number of students keen to start. Your Starter Bridge Handbook has been fantastic as a structure for teaching and learning’. Buddy C, after-school club, Primary School.


Inter-schools Event: 30 June 2017

‘We all really enjoyed yesterday. What a well organised event. The students all got into it so well and I would definitely be interested in coming again in the future! Thank you for all the hard work through the year’.  Teacher, Senior School

 Quote from Buddy,  ‘Year 7 Senior School Teacher X said that the event was one of the best experiences she has had over many years teaching’.

Buddy X (retired school teacher)’An amazing morning. Personally, it gave me enormous confidence and I am now looking forward to doing some basic teaching’.

Teacher Y, Primary School Years 4 and 5. I would like to say how much the pupils and I enjoyed our morning at Stamford Bridge Club. The organisation was superb, atmosphere studious and refreshments just perfect! We are looking forward to continuing our Club in the Autumn. Many thanks again.