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OFSTED LINKS:   The Academy is keen to support opportunities, through the playing of Bridge, which allow children to access the rigorous demands of the National Curriculum.

This exciting programme is now in its second year and we have experienced a highly-successful 2016/17 pilot,  involving 13 schools: 8 Primary and 5 Senior.  We have worked with the full spectrum of schools across Key Stage 2 and 3 with great outcomes for learners:   

 Quote:  Lucy, Head teacher,  Primary State School ‘You cannot fail to see children’s cognitive development as they play the game of Starter Bridge. The skills are complex and their need to develop their reasoning skills and deep thinking is crucial. Our buddy is AMAZING and our children have absolutely loved every single session. We cannot WAIT to continue in September’.

OFSTED’s School Inspection Handbook states that in outstanding schools: ‘Pupils love the challenge of learning and are resilient to failure. They are curious, interested learners who seek out and use new information to develop, consolidate and deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills. They thrive in lessons and also regularly take up opportunities to learn through extra-curricular activities. ‘

OFSTED Inspection Handbook

The Academy by providing in-school opportunities to learn Starter Bridge is supporting the achievement of such challenging criteria by offering flexible FREE training, coaching and mentoring to children and staff by the Academy‘s 40 DBS-registered, committed and dedicated Bridge Buddies.

‘fosters mathematical understanding of new concepts and methods, including teachers’ explanations and the way they require pupils to think and reason mathematically for themselves’

‘Pupils who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems’:

 Inspecting the impact of the teaching of mathematics

OFSTED Inspection Handbook

Quote: Alan, Year 7 Maths Teacher:

‘It will be a good vehicle for developing cognitive and problem solving skills; both are key to the new maths syllabus.’

 The Academy can provide a flexible, customised and bespoke programme to suit your school, whether as part of Golden Hour, Electives, Maths, PHSE, Special Needs or for Higher Achievers. Our sessions are flexible. For example, we can offer blocks of 4-6 (or more/less) sessions of 25 minutes – 1 hour, at any time of the day to fit in with your timetable.

Pupils discuss and debate issues in a considered way, showing respect for others’ ideas and points of view’: Grade descriptor for ‘outstanding’- Personal development, behaviour and welfare

OFSTED Inspection Handbook

 We can also support the setting up of a luncheon or after-school bridge club.

 From the Pilot Project experience we have found that an initial Taster session to a whole class or Year Group is an invaluable method of exciting pupils to sign up for a stimulating, absorbing, partnership card game of fun with their friends.

 INSET Programmes: We can offer a flexible one-off, 1 hour, after-school Starter Bridge Training Session to a Maths Department, PHSE Department, Special Needs, or any department recognising how the educational materials provided by the Stamford Youth Bridge Academy match their individual Ofsted requirements.