Dear Headteacher

Thank you for showing interest in our website, where you will find  photos, quotes and also the application to join our project. 

The success of the Stamford Schools Pilot Project means Stamford Youth Bridge Academy (SYBA) is now in a position to expand to five more local schools during 2017/18.

 To take advantage of this opportunity we anticipate that any member of staff, with the support of our volunteer bridge buddies, will be able to deliver this project.

 This can be achieved by either starting up a bridge club at lunchtime/after school, or introducing Starter Bridge into the Curriculum as part of Golden Hour, Elective sessions, Enrichment programmes, Maths sessions, PSHE, Special Needs, Extended ‘high flyers’ lessons or for sessions developing Communication/Team building skills.

The Academy has 40+ DBS Registered, committed and dedicated Bridge Buddies ready to introduce, coach and mentor, empowering any non-card playing classroom teacher to deliver the Starter Bridge programme. All participating students will be supported in achieving the Academy’s Starter Bridge Stage One and/or Stage Two Certificates leading to the Minibridge Award.

If you would like Stamford Youth Bridge Academy to Introduce a Taster Session please select, complete and return the online Application form on the drop down menu.

We look forward to working in partnership with your school.

Yours sincerely

Liz Dale MBA Education, Project Team Leader