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Alan Shillitoe – England Junior Squad Leader, bringing members of the England Junior Team to Stamford Bridge Club to coach young players in 2017/18

o   Welcome to Stamford Youth Bridge Academy (SYBA), the educational arm of Stamford Bridge Club which was set up to encourage more young people from schools and other organisations to play Bridge.

o   In the 2016-17 pilot project 13 schools were involved at primary and secondary level, involving 296 young people which culminated in an inter-school tournament at Stamford Bridge Club with 72 young people participating at a range of levels.

o   We are now expanding and in the first week of September 2017 we will be delivering an in-school, Bridge experience to an additional 420 young people.

o   There are different levels and approaches to the game, tailored to the needs of young people, from Starter Bridge to Stage 1 and Stage 2 certification, MiniBridge and then on to playing Bridge.

o   Bridge develops a range of skills in learners: numeracy, communication, team-building and respect.

o   Schools can use Bridge in a variety of ways, e.g.a bridge club at lunchtime/after school or as part of the curriculum.

The teaching and learning materials developed specifically link to  Ofsted's Inspection Handbook.

o   The Academy has at least 40+ DBS-registered, committed and dedicated Bridge buddies ready to mentor, coach and empower any non-card playing staff to deliver the Starter Bridge programme.

o   If you are interested in this exciting initiative please contact the Academy for a discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.